Inspirational Footstools

I've always had a thing for footstools. They are so versatile and stylish to have in ones sitting room. As I was browsing through blogland at Heins Home I came across the following crochet ones...they really are rather good, aren't they? I'm loving the whiteness and oversized stitches, they add such texture...don't you think?

Its given me an idea to find an old footstool at a car boot sale and recover it, I could double or triple up the wool for thickness and use an extra large crochet hook. It would work beautifully and the effect would be so unique.

Also at the same site they have crochet floor rugs which are exquiste, I particular like the borders used and it would be so easy to copy from the photo...might have a go at writing/drawing that one down tomorrow in my notebook.


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