My homemade tea cosy - Finished taadaaaaah!!!!

I have finished the tea cosy I started a few weeks ago. It really only took a couple of days from start to finish and that includes making the flowers and embroidery. I must say it has turned out much better than I ever imagined it to. The wool was bought from the remnants bin and is a cotton/polyester mix. As you will notice, I have crochet this tea cosy instead of knitting as the pattern suggested. It was quite easy to convert and I whizzed through this in a matter of hours.

This is silly in a way, because I had just bought a delightful book on making tea cosys and there is one in particular with a huge sunflower embellishment that I really wanted to make. See Tea cosys at amazon.

The crochet flowers.......

The edging to finish the whole thing off......

The edging I took from Lucy at Attic 24 I needed something decorative but small and neat. This pattern fitted perfectly. It finished off the edging beautifully and complimented the overall look of the tea cosy ....don't you think??

Finally, I have realised what I'm doing wrong when posting my little projects....I need to photograph my work in stages so you can see my 'creative journey' properly. I will do this from now on and its also a good excuse to use my super duper new camera that I will be getting for my birthday next week.... :))))


Absolutely beautiful! I love it, and your pink coffee pot is adorable X
P.S Have a lovely birthday X
Attic24 said…
Jane, your cosy looks wonderful, and I'm v impressed that you adapted a knit pattern to crochet...way to go!!

Am pleased you liked the bobble edging too, and I agree, it finishes off the cosy beautifully :o)

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