William Morris Fabric

The following are a collection of William Morris prints taken from the V & A Museum.

There is a reason behind my showing you these.....

You see.....I have come to possess, a collection of fabrics...yes....William Morris fabrics !!!!!

Which have now become another WIP (love that phrase)...

.....its going to be something I haven't tried in years, but used to be rather good at it....I'll keep you posted....jx


WM designs are gorgeous! I once saw a house on TV that was decorated with William Morris wallpaper and it looked fab! X
Thank you...yes William Morris is definately a favourite of mine...thats for sure...I'm hoping to do something very special with the fabrics I've aquired, so I'll keep you posted. Hope life finds you well and content.Jx
Attic24 said…
very exciting to be on the brink of a new project isn't it...I bet you're gonna do something really lovely with your WM fabrics, look forward to seeing :o)


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